Sage Integration

We can help integrate Sage 50 or 200 with almost any third party system, providing seamless, hands-off transfer and syncing of information along with dynamic events triggered based upon rules you set. Using our product Zynk we can let Sage “talk” with other software and services in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Have your ecommerce site automatically raise invoices in Sage when an order is placed.
  • Sync contacts and statuses between Sage 50/200  & Act!, or other CRM packages.
  • Migrate existing data into Sage from any open data format.
  • Push customer & product data from Sage to other systems.
  • Automatically raise and email purchase orders to a supplier for items you “drop ship”.
  • Keep inventory and stock levels up to date on your website and in Sage automatically.
  • Automatically import sales orders, invoices, customers and products from other systems on a set schedule.

But the above is just a fraction of what can be achieved…Zynk is a flexible solution that fits into your business and gets Sage to do the same.

In addition to Sage Integration with other systems we can also help with business automation, triggering a variety of events and alerts based on predefined rules. If you need to get an email with each day’s figures, an SMS when stock of a particular item is running low or even a full “business dashboard” that shows you all live information about your business – we can help.


Zynk is a Sage Certified Solution

Zynk has also become one of the first Sage Certified Solutions for both Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Instant Accounting.

This means that our application has been independently tested by Verisign against a rigorous set of test conditions which ensure the software does not adversely effect your operating system or Sage software.

The certification includes a number of tests covering the following areas of the software:

  • General Usage
  • Support
  • Versioning
  • Platform Configurations
  • Installation
  • Operating System Checks
  • Functional Minimums
  • Data Integrity
  • Adherence to Accounting principles
  • Documentation
  • Performance
  • Development and Architectural Guidelines

So, when choosing an integration solution – make sure that the solution you are looking at has been certified by Sage.

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