Bespoke Development

Bespoke Software Development

As a software development house we often take on larger bespoke development projects, usually with heavy integration to Sage accounting software or CRM systems.

Our Development Process

We follow a tried and tested development process to ensure that we fully understand the project we are undertaking. We are very heavily influenced by Agile development methodologies and will very often break up a project into smaller deliverables in order to move the project forward and deliver milestones sooner.

A typical project uses the following process;

  • Project Scope
  • Visual Specification and Prototype
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance

Project Scope

The project scope is a document which outlines exactly what is in the project and exactly what is out of the scope of the project, the timescales for delivery and what each of the deliverables are.

Visual Specification and Prototype

This is essentially moving into development and we’ve learned rather than write up documents describing the specification it is just as fast to prepare every single screen we are going to use in the application, ┬álink them through and deliver a basic functioning prototype, this way there is no confusion as to features and functionality.

Development & Testing

Once we both agree on the visual specification, we begin the development and testing phase, this is a constant process that flips between development and testing for a set length of time – usually a few weeks until we have…


Once we are both happy with the deliverables we deploy the solution or enter a beta testing period.

Support & Maintenance

The most important part of any software development is ensuring you have a maintenance agreement in place for bugfixes, amendments, changes to operating systems or hardware that could affect the application – we offer a choice of maintenance plans to suit your budget

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