Our Approach

With projects ranging in size from quick website updates to streamlining the accounting systems of multi-national companies it would be impossible to take a one size fits all approach to our work. However, we aim to apply the same basic principles at key stages in each project:

Meticulous planning

We’ve found that the more we know about a project before work actually commences the more successful it’s likely to be. As such any work we do is preceded by a full requirements investigation, a detailed specification, and for larger projects a roadmap and detailed deliverables schedule so you know what to expect at each stage of the work.

A holistic view of where the project fits into your overall business

Even if our contribution to a project is strictly technical we take a strategic view of where and how our work will fit into your business, and we’ll suggest refinements and additions beyond our immediate remit. When working on a web site we don’t just put forward suggestions for a nice looking and functional design, we’ll also provide input on conversion rate optimisation, search engine marketing, copy writing and more. We look to fulfill the goals of your business as a whole, not just the project at hand.

Regular contact with the team

Although every single project we undertake includes a project/account manager on the team we believe in direct communication between our clients and the people “on the coal face” wherever possible. We don’t just employ nerds with plenty of technical but no people skills, all of our developers and designers are experienced and comfortable with helping customers directly.

Transparent project management & collaboration

Each of our projects is documented from concept to completion using our in-house project management system, with all timescales, to-do lists, related emails, documents and other assets are stored in a secure collaboration and messaging area so you’ve got access to everything you need to run the project without having to dig through your inbox or file server.

Dedicated testing, deployment & support functions

Although our development team’s involvement doesn’t stop when a project is ready to go live we also employ dedicated testing and customer support staff to ensure your experience is a smooth one even after a project is launched and that you always get a rapid response to any questions or concerns even if the key staff who worked on your project have moved on to other things.

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