The CHUF charity was founded in 1979 by parent Ann Scott and was originally called the Lesley Ann Scott Memorial Fund. Ann started the charity after the death of her daughter Lesley Ann on the 10 th February 1979. Lesley Ann was born with a congenital heart defect as was her sister and Ann’s first daughter Lisa, who sadly also died from the same heart related condition.

It was in February 1983 when the name of the charity was changed to the one we know now, the Children’s Heart Unit Fund. This was at the request of Ann Scott, whose family to this day are still actively support CHUF.

What We Did

It was a privilege to be able to work with the hard working guys at CHUF and we have been greatly humbled by some of the fantastic efforts that have been made to raise awareness of this wonderful charity.

The reason CHUF came to us was to give their site a facelift and make it easier for supporters of the charity to donate. In the past they had also found it a struggle to update anything on the site without it breaking so another priority of ours was to implement an easy to use CMS.

One of CHUF’s stand out objectives was to create a much more friendly first impression with specific emphasis on getting rid of the abundance of grey the old site was using. In response, our designer created a custom background that lifted the mood of the site instantly, creating a friendly atmosphere that suited the tone of the site far more appropriately.

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