Client Background

IK-PEI provides standard pigging products and isolation tools, and also tailored solutions using AutoCad Inventor design technology. It also operates a brand new hire fleet of fully certified weld testers, high pressure test plugs and isolation tools.

What We Did

IK-PEI approached Internetware with a problematic situation that demanded a considered approach with an emphasis on speed and simplicity. Because they had an abundance of data and images to exhibit for each product we needed to find a way to deliver this information without inhibiting user experience.

Having already completed an extensive competitive research programme, the company were very clear about pitfalls they wanted to avoid, such as convoluted navigation, cluttered pages with too much information and poor quality images.

Simplicity, elegance and intuitive usability were our guiding mantras for this project as we knew speed and accuracy were of particular importance for IK-PEI’s target audience. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is a design philosophy we endeavour to inject in all of our projects and we are confident it shines through with IK-PEI’s new site.

In addition to a slick, user friendly front end, IK-PEI have also been fully trained up on our easy to maintain CMS.

Services Provided

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