Northumberland Cheese

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Client Background

The Northumberland Cheese story began in the Rede Valley, where owner Mark Robertson had a small flock of sheep from which he produced a ewe’s milk cheese; Redesdale. It was such a success with the locals that it expanded into a range that now includes fine cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses.

What We Did

Northumberland Cheese came to Internetware with a simple brief – To revive their dated e-commerce site by giving it fresh new design, making it easier for customers buying cheeses online and making it easier for staff to update content.

After scoping their requirements, we arrived at great solution that would not only give them the image facelift they desired, but would also significantly decrease the number of steps it used to take for their customers to buy online.

In addition to this, Northumberland Cheese were also keen to save time by using our Zynk integration product. This now sits seamlessly in between the new website and their Sage accounts, automatically downloading every transaction to their accounting system.

Since the site went live, they’ve had some great feedback from their customers who admitted that ‘the convoluted shopping sequence on their old site had been a big factor for not repeat purchasing online’, adding that ‘the new design couldn’t be easier to use!’

Now they have an up to date shopping cart and great design behind it, we’re hoping their online presence continues to increase and their customers have a much more enjoyable shopping experience.

Services Provided

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