SpeedFlex Training System

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Client Background

SpeedFlex Training Systems aim to change the we exercise forever through resistance training.

Their machines have been designed around the principles of resistance training, meaning you can train at your highest intensity but with the peace of mind that no matter how hard you push yourself, your risk of injury is virtually eliminated.

What We Did

Our brief was simple : to create a dynamic, modern site that would help put SpeedFlex UK on the map.

Managing Director, Paul Ferris informed us that the site would be quite content heavy and thus required a clean and easy-to-navigate design to ensure the content was digestible and accessible to a range of consumer types.

After reviewing their requirements, we quickly started putting things in place; working closely with Paul every step of the way to ensure we never veered away from his ultimate vision.

After several mock-ups and multiple wireframe tests, we arrived at a succinct formula that we both agreed would work best for their diverse audience. Instead of crowding the homepage with research and testimonials, we designed a clean functional landing page that enticed the user to delve deeper into the site and find out more if they wanted.

Our joint aim was to avoid the hard sell approach and make the site more of an interactive playground for users who were intrigued by this innovative technology.

“Internetware surpassed my expectations with the site they delivered. There hands on approach and attention to detail has made the SpeedFlex UK site something very special indeed.” Paul Ferris – Managing Director, SpeedFlex

Services Provided

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