Strategic Partners


We have worked with Sage UK for a number of years both as a Sage Professional Developer and also as a supplier of products and services to Sage’s Professional Services Division – we are only one of 2 companies to have their products listed on the Sage UK webshop at


Internetware are a Microsoft Certified Partner and in addition to that have also worked with Microsoft directly providing consultancy and development services.

AimCo Software

AimCo software allows you to Print labels, invoices, picking and packing lists and more from your online sales with a few simple clicks. The simplest and smartest way to print and pack your orders. Packing Partner collects sales records, formats addresses and gives you all the despatch information you need, in one easy to use solution. The Label Edition collects & prints labels, packing and picking lists. In addition the Invoice Edition prints invoices & extended packing lists. Try it yourself and see how much time it will save – e.g. 25 records collected and ready to print, in under a minute.

ePages GmbH

ePages are the largest provider of ecommerce solutions in the UK powering the ecommerce sites of major ISP’s such as BT, 123-Reg, FastHosts, LCN and many more. ePages chose  Internetware to provide their off the shelf integration solution which is available through a number of leading Internet service providers.

Technology Services Group

Internetware work closely with Sage business partners and TSG are one of the largest Sage business partners in the UK

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