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Web design & development has always been a rapidly developing field and in the last five years the pace of change has increased almost exponentially: AJAX, HTML5, Javascript frameworks, responsive design and other tools and approaches are opening up new possibilities and moving us away from the static, “brochureware” sites of old into a web made up of feature rich sites and applications that are, in some cases, closer to desktop software than the websites of a decade ago.

At the same time some things never change, and it’s as important as ever that your site or app is easy to use, search engine friendly, looks good and meets the requirements of your users.

At Internetware we’re ideally placed to deliver cutting-edge solutions that deliver on all the promise of this latest technology, with a team made up of some of the best and brightest young designers and developers in the North East who are always exploring new technologies. Their enthusiasm and passion is balanced by our leadership team who have more than 40 years in the web design/development industry between them and always make sure there are sound commercial reasons for the technology & design decisions made by our web team.

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